Divine Feminine Workshop June 1, 2018


Carole’s Newest Event – The”Divine Feminine” @ Jade Wellness

The”Divine Feminine” was created as a 1-hr private session created just for the needs of our current times!  By popular demand this information will be extended into a 2-hour workshop, held on Friday, June 1st @ 7pm. or if you prefer to attend on the weekend, join us  on Saturday, June 2nd at 2pm. 

“Is this class for me?” you ask.  Are you a caregiver? Are you surrounded by people daily? Do you think you take on other people’s energies? Do you feel that you have thoughts, feelings or even aches and pains that may NOT belong to you? Then, “YES!” this workshop is for you. The techniques you will learn to incorporate into your everyday life, will allow you to be more intuitive, more focused, and will enhance your empathic abilities, This is an  opportunity to develop these innate qualities within you.  You will also learn different ways to cleanse and to shield your Energy Bodies from getting your energy siphoned out of you. You will also learn quick and easy ways to protect from psychic attacks. 

Please join Multidimensional Being, Carole Aileo Ha’la Ramsay for her long awaited Spiritual Hygiene class (register friends 2 friends and your ticket is free) where you will learn to sense when you are carrying someone (something) else’s energy, how to cleanse, release, and protect yourself and others from psychic attackFeel comfortable anywhere with Carole’s easy techniques of SPIRITUAL HYGIENE – Cleansing your auric field, another person’s auric field, cleanse a room; Placing barriers of protection around yourself, others, specific situations, places and things. Learn the difference of energy frequencies to easily increase your frequency creating stronger health, focus, and confidence…
Please Text Carole To Confirm Attendance (954) 655-5490. Thank You!

3rd Tuesday Monthly @ 7:30 pm 
at Jade Wellness

2717 E. Oakland Park Blvd.,
Fort Lauderdale, FL (954) 623-7593

Your Investment: $77  – Register 2 Friends and your ticket is FREE
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