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Pet Psychic


A PET PSYCHIC is a highly sensitive person & can communicate telepathically with animals, even deceased.


How does my animal feel? How will I know it’s the right time to help my pet go to Heaven? Did I make the right decision? Does my pet like the vet, groomer, pet-sitter? Why is my pet having behavioral issues? How can I get my animals to get along? What do they think of me? Are they happy?

I have helped many pet owners with * Health Issues * Lost & Found * Death & Dying * Behavioral Issues * Contact Your Departed Pet*

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Pet Psychic

I was fostering Trixie, where she ripped a hole in my patio screen and got out.  I contacted Carole after 3 days of Trixie’s absence, who was able to connect with Trixie, seeing through Trixie’s eyes to locate her being in my neighborhood. Carole told me why Trixie left and that she would be coming back that same night. Trixie returned just like Carole said.  Carole has an amazing ability to communicate with our animals as she receives their story as they tell it to her.  You will not be disappointed. 
Debbie L. (Plantation, FL) 

Carole Ramsay is amazingly gifted! I have had the opportunity to have a few readings with her. Having a pet reading is very special because she will talk to your pet’s soul and answer questions that you have. But, the reading will go much deeper and bigger than you are usually expecting. You will learn much about the connection and purpose between you for this lifetime. And, you will receive insight into past lives with your beloved pet. I promise you will come away with much to think about than you imagined.
Anita Levine, Animal/People Reiki Master -Miami 

Carole’s insights helped me and my Portia when she became very sick & I had to make the difficult decision to let her go. Carole’s ability to connect Portia’s message that “she was ready when I was ready” gave me the strength, certainty, and peace that I was making the right decision. I’m very grateful to Carole!
Herena J. (Plantation, FL)

Carol Ramsey is an amazing psychic. She read my son’s new puppy Baxter and what she told me came true! Carol is able to read the energy of pets who often have messages for us. Baxter’s message was that my son would soon have difficult times involving his friends. Two days after the reading, one of his friends was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, which he recovered. Only weeks later another close friend died in a motor bike crash. With Baxter’s picture, Carole received the pet’s energy and relayed important information to me weeks before these events occurred, letting me know that Baxter would be a comfort to my son during a difficult time. She also gave accurate messages about my health.  I highly recommend Carole, as a gifted psychic/medium/ healer. She will help you. 
Christina Rowe christinarowe.com

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