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Adamantine Practice

Sacred Heart Life Altering – Cosmic Energy Healing for Body, Mind, Heart, & Spirit.  This is the transference of Adamantine Particles – teachings channeled through Jesus Sonanda (Christ-consciousness Heart).

The entire Universe is made up of Adamantine Particles. It is the Universal Love – Life Force… the Adamantine Particles … the Matrix of all Creation. All that exists is thanks to Adamantine Particles and its Laws of Balance and Harmony.  The Ancient Egyptians and their forefathers, the Lemurians, accessed these Golden Particles of Creation on a daily basis.

Different Energy Centers in our body control all physical functions. Adamantine Particles form each and every organ, making them function; but whenever their natural flow is obstructed due to overflows or mental and emotional short-circuits, illness or disease may follow.

Scientifically speaking, monatomic substances are single atom states, generally isolating a single element be it gold or the platinum group elements.   When these elements are introduced into your Energy Centers, the effect may create a substantial enhancement of consciousness, thus aligning you with the blueprint of your Original Divine Plan of Perfection.

The human body is comprised of all of the elements of the Earth, not only gold or platinum group elements.  These elements need to be in proper balance and in adequate quantities to support the DNA coding and decoding.   It is the minerals in the blood that record and hold the information of Light Encoded Impulses, as compared to a cassette tape – the metals on the tape hold the patterns of the sound waves.   If we eliminate the metal from the tape or expose it to a derivative magnetic field we get a blank tape.

Balance is reestablished with the use of a specific transference method of these Adamantine Particles (Golden Particles of Creation) into your body (your life).  Having direct knowledge and access to these teachings, I am able to administer the Adamantine Particles through physical touch to your Energy Centers.  See Article – Ascension, Descension, Inscension.

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