"Carole Ramsay GoddessTouch Workshops"WORKSHOPS
We customize workshops for your needs, most importantly, is to give you the tools that YOU need to access your own answers. Please call us with your interests.

I am available to speak on many controversial topics, including, but not limited to:

  • – How our Emotions are linked to our Health (or lack of it)
  • – Ascension and how these vibrational “shifts” are affecting us and our world.
  • – Relationships and Intimacy: How to find one’s Soul Mate – The Sacred Marriage
  • – Intuition: Do you think you are psychic and how to develop it
  • – Angels are Amongst Us.
  • – Reptilian Agendas: Are we really a slave race?
  • – Meet your Guides and Higher Self. Learn about Trust.
  • – Entities/dark forces that you have allowed (on some level) into your aura, body, home, office, car, etc. must be released. Sometimes the reason for your dis-easement may be due to low frequency energies who have made their home in the same space as where you dwell. I have successfully performed over 100 “ghost busting” and/or “exorcisms”

Please contact me for available dates and locations.
[email protected]

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