Aimee T. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am very grateful that I went to Carole’s Sacred Sexuality class.  I went in expecting one thing and came out with more than I had imagined.  I was able to clear some issues that I wasn’t aware I had been holding on to that affected me as a woman.  I also had been experiencing chronic lower back pain since the birth of my second son.  During the class, after the clearing she did slight energy work on me and my pain went away.  I haven’t had it come back and was not aware that it was tied into some womanly baggage  I had been holding on to.  I learned how to use my sacred power as a woman for manifestation purposes, which I still apply today.   Learning where your power comes from as a woman is very important today because it is something we have forgotten.  Getting in touch with the Feminine energy is beneficial to all of us women and giving yourself permission to be comfortable as a woman is truly imperative. It was great to be around the company of strong women whom I could connect with.

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