Christina Rowe Delray Beach, FL

Carol Ramsey is an amazing psychic. She recently read my son’s new puppy Baxter and what she told me came true! Carol is able to read the energy of pets who often have messages for us. The message Baxter had was for my son and that he would be there to comfort my son through some difficult times that were ahead involving his friends.
Days after the reading, one of his friends was in a motorcycle accident and seriously injured. Thankfully he recovered. Weeks later tragically a second close friend died in a another motorcycle accident. Carol was able to read Baxter’s energy from just a picture and relay this message to me weeks before these events actually happened, letting me know that Baxter would be a comfort to my son during this difficult time. She also brought forth messages about my own health which proved to be true as well.
 I highly recommend Carole, she is a gifted psychic, medium and healer who can help you.

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