Love, Jeannie Lerner Plantation, FL

Regarding Lemurian Channeling & House clearing.
I didn’t know anything about the Lemurian’s until I met you at Kathryn’s Place and thought it was very interesting. Then you came to my house. As you know I love your energy. You have a wonderful way about you that always puts a smile on my face, & I love the way you make me feel comfortable. You were right on the money with everything you said and felt. In fact you even told me things that I was not aware of such as the fact that my Grandmother had a special name for me. I also remember prior to the house clearing you felt everyone’s presence before you walked in the door. You said, that, “everyone was there at the door waitng to greet you”, meaning everyone in my family who had passed away. Then there was the sad task of putting away all of their pictures, but it was a necessary & important thing to do because I needed too make the transition of getting used to being without my parents. We took some of my family pictures in my office & put the others away. The process was very painful! The house clearing was a little difficult because the spirits of my family members did not want to go. In fact someone was hiding in the closet in my office, but you managed to help everyone leave. After everyone left I remembered how strangely different the house felt. The energy was much lighter. I didn’t feel their presence like I used to when I walked in the door. Thank you for all the good work you are doing helping all of us transition in life.
May G-D Bless you, & Magical Hugs to you my friend.
Until we meet again,

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