R. Cyr Pompano Beach, FL

I was introduced to Reiki in April 2013. I am very thankful as it is a great gift in my life. My only regret is that I have not been exposed to this powerful tool earlier in my life. It would have been so helpful in stressful situations we are all exposed to at some point in our life.
Here are a few examples where Reiki has definitely made a difference in my life:
I am an intermediate golfer and whenever my game goes out of control I do my Hu Yin and other preparations prior to practicing Reiki, which automatically sets me into an altered, more relax state, where my game improved drastically.
Last June 2013, I had a minor but very painful medical procedure. At the beginning of the procedure I did not think about using Reiki but when I did later on into the procedure, my tolerance to the pain improved to a level where it was easy to finish the procedure without and pain medication.
Rev Carole Ramsay, RMT, is an amazing “coach”. She’s comes very well prepared to seminars and is open to share her experiences and is always happy to hear participants’ comments. Her energy is contagious!!!
I highly recommend Rev Ramsay as your Reiki Master Teacher.

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