Your Year to Create Love

"Awakening to your Higher Consciousness"

Awakening to your higher consciousness. All you ever wanted to know about YOUR SOULMATE.

This is YOUR YEAR TO CREATE LOVE – FIND YOUR SOULMATE and EXPERIENCE BLISS AS BEST FRIENDS AND THE GREATEST  LOVER! I did it and i’ll show you how you can too! I will share with you how to “Shift” your state of mind and begin creating what you want. I will take you on a journey (a brief guided meditation) to a new place to access the special tools you will need. Also, I will help you to energetically clear and balance your energies (limiting beliefs/programming/issues/etc.) as we go.

Do you feel stuck? Stressed? Lonely? Sick and Tired? Where is the love of your life?

Bring any and all questions you may have.

Time for Q & A afterwards. Private consultation available.

Rev. Carole Aileo Ha’la Ramsay, RMT, AP, is experiencing her first Full Conscious incarnation as a Divine Being in a Human form in this time/space/dimension. Rev. Carole has learned to function in this 3D density as an exec in the corporate world. She also comfortably can see, hear, feel and be with Spirit, other realms/dimensions/the deceased, simultaneously. Communication is her forte and her gift to the world. Carole is the founder and President of GODDESS T.O.U.C.H., INC.

For more Information: [email protected]  / (954) 655-5490

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