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"Life Readings by Carole Ramsay Goddess Touch"

In a “Life Reading” session, I consciously access multi-dimensional information for your best and highest without the use of any props as I am “prophetic” and do not require cards, stones, etc., to give readings.

Once you have scheduled an appointment and I have received a completed Waiver – (click here to download and print  Waiver), I may begin receiving messages or insights for you very shortly thereafter or just prior to our meeting which is stored subconsciously.  Your masters, guides and Higher Self are in communion with mine.  Therefore, your choice of accessing specific information through me opens up the ‘floodgates’ of Divine Expression through time, space and dimension, as time and space only exists here in the 3rd Dimension.

I also may access information from your etheric bodies, energy fields to verify the flow of energy, as directed by your Light “team” and, of course, with your permission.  This may help you find answers to some questions you may have regarding an imbalance in your life.   As I am also clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, I can see, hear and smell the subtleties of imbalance, and energy beings lodged in your space or in someone’s space close to you.

As a healing facilitator and frequency activator, I am able to remove, replace, and re-channel a healthy flow of high frequency in your current and/or parallel lives’ fields, opening and balancing your centers, for example.

Once the link is established and I have your permission to facilitate, we will enter a portal where we will have the opportunity to experience your own magnificent Light.

My intent and purpose is to bring in Divine Love / “Christ-consciousness” energy from your core being into your consciousness, so that you will be able to navigate your rudder of Life, knowing that your choices are always the best ones.

Health – Love – Career – Prosperity

Private, group, and telephone readings are available.  Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

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