Simultaneous Ascension, Descension, Inscension

By Carole Ramsay
Thursday, January 17, 2002

Incredibly “D-E-E-P” and powerful events are going on in Creation and we’re feeling ALL of it! Since the Adamantyne Cosmic Healing training and activations I experienced on January 9, 10, and 13, 2002, I’ve been feeling really strangely from a higher/lower level simultaneously (like sitting on a fence of duality vs. higher dimensions/worlds). These Adamantyne Particles “push out” limitations on ALL levels, including resistance. I’ve changed my diet only because my tastes have radically changed.

After performing the Adamantyne practice, a pineal /pituitary activation, I soaked in a bath of Moldavite crystals and essential oils to consciously experience multi-dimensionality. The aroma was so strong: healing, cleansing, pampering, and REVEALING. A presence from another dimension co-existed in this time & space consortium. I was amidst Ancient Egyptian healing practitioners. In this realm, the bathtub was a lot bigger with mists rising from the hot scented bath. The steam manifested as the releasing of limiting emotions and physical ailments from my being. I could sense and hear other Egyptians around me tending to my transfiguration. Harps and flutes played in celebration as well as the sounds of thumping leather sandals hitting the hard marble floors when walking. What a recall!

Following this experience, I climbed into bed and immediately spiraled into a deep sleep, allowing the healing to continue at deeper levels. I was then informed of memory in the Subatomic levels of our being is being activated for the Ascension process of all of Creation. Those of us who are considered sensitive, intuitive, and/or psychic are feeling these changes. At this point, I didn’t know which dimension of reality I was in. I began to panic. “What’s going on? I’m not safe here! Am I still breathing?” I focused on the only thing that confirmed to me that I was alive (somewhere) because I was breathing. So, I focused on feeling and listening to my breath. I could hang on only to this belief that “if I can feel and hear myself breath, then I am still alive.”

What occurred was the passing through the “veils” called the “dis-illusionment”, meaning “whatever we make real in the 3rd dimension is now breaking down”. To further express what happened that Tuesday night, here is an excerpt of a potion (only one of many tools, I use) from, called:

TRANSCENDENCE. This potion is designed to soften the discomfort of ninth level Lightbody. Its frequencies ease alienation and resistance to “the Dis-Illusionment” by assisting you to stay in the Now, with your heart open and all your intent fiercely directed towards your Spirit. This potion contains holographic access coding designed to recalibrate the brain gland pulses, correct your hormone balance and boost your immune system. It is also infused with the Flames of Love as Requirer and Purifier. Hang in there! The process you are in is holy. When it is complete, you will be filled with gratitude. This potion is infused by Hope, Faith, Grace, Purity, Liberty, Peace, Rapture and Victory Elohim: and the Takh Continuum.

The following day, I later telephoned the people at Alchemical Mage for confirmation. I was explained briefly that I had indeed experienced the “dis-illusionment” and DNA activations.

Please remember: that everyone is unique and, each individual session is experienced at different levels.

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