A Holiday Message from Carole

A Holiday Message from Carole

Dearest friends, students, and loyal clients, 

Emotions are high, as is the stress level of many of us. Here, in South Florida, many of our Northern Neighbors have arrived, filling our stores, restaurants and streets with high festive energies – “Tis the Season to be Patient!”  This is the perfect time to release anything that is NOT love. Let’s surrender to our light and let people BE who they are!  They are doing the best they can with what they know!  By giving everyone the space to be their own expression, they will see/feel their karmic reflection (we attract what we are). It is the only way for their Consciousness to realize and to become aware that, “It’s time to stop the anger and begin to love!”  Being right is not always the answer to PEACE. 

So, I wish you and your families complete PEACE in all that you are and do this Season, and Always.  It’s the only way to raise our Consciousness to be LOVE, that which we already are!  And, those around us, will want to stick around as they too will want to feel safe, loved, loving, and trusting….. finally!  How many people do you know who are kind?

Become that which you want to be.

Magical hugs and Infinite Blessings to you and yours this Holiday Season!

Carole 🙂

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