Learn How to Remain in the Present Moment When…

"Learn How to Remain in the Present Moment When..."

It may not seem this way to you right now, but we ARE all a Force of Light coming together with Love, in Love, to serve uniquely! More importantly, balancing our “alone” time to regroup and energize is tantamount to finding like-minded people and groups for support. These times are critical to our awakening to realizing that the beliefs we have taken on as our own from our parents, family, society, no longer serve us. We are becoming hyper-sensitive to our world (our perceptions), “what is true?” is the conundrum facing each and every one of us now!  Our values are being put to the test. We are recreating ourselves from the inside out, with the opportunity to make our own rules as to how “we” wish to live a peaceful life, with longevity and abundance!

To better serve you in finding your answers to self-empowerment, I continue to offer private sessions of Psychic Guidance for yourself, loved ones, pets, past lives, and an intensive 60-90 min. session called CLEAR THE PATHtm, which includes Raindrop technique, Reiki, Holonomic, TER energy balancing, 13 chakra opening/clearing, cellular memory activation. Recording this session is recommended! Call for your appointment.

I have learned numerous modalities of harnessing the energies to access change,  whereby sharing REIKI as a subtle and yet extremely empowering tool of Light penetrating as it transforms anything, anyone! ***REIKI IS NOT JUST FOR HEALING!***  My 20-year practice of holding “Reiki Circles” now called “Sacred Circlesfor Higher Consciousness Living!  Reiki Sacred Symbols come from higher frequencies, other Worlds!  Remember the story:  “Dr. Usui received his “enlightenment” on his 21st day of fasting and meditation on a holy mountain in Japan. This is where and when the 11 Sacred Symbols became known to him through his 3rd Eye Chakra (his Pineal gland was activated)!”

SOLD OUT!  On Saturday, October 26th (10-5) I will be sharing Reiki Levels 1 & 2 in only one day.  You will learn more than you can imagine. You will receive your book, attunements and Certificate. Other Reiki practitioners have taken this class to tweak and deepen their Reiki practice (testimonials on www.goddesstouh.net).  You can always retake my classes at minimal pricing. SOLD OUT!  
Next class: November 9 and December 14.

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