Carole’s Energy Update

"Caroles-Energy-Update"Sensing a balance coming in, allows us to move forward with a new focus for decision making. As a gifted Sensitive, Empath, etc., I’ve begun to feel more relaxed even though there is much turmoil bringing up much mass-consciousness fear.  This is the time to harness all of the Universal / Celestial Support as we take new risks, and TRUST in our Higher Self, our Divine Connection.

Remaining in our Light (which is  very difficult at times) is the most important task at hand. We must find that place within that tells us that “we are safe”, “all is well”, “we have everything we need and want, and more”. If you or a loved one is ill, please know that healing is on the way. Any kind of lack that you or a loved one is experiencing now, please know that this is only temporary. 

It’s time to choose to 1) go into a gratitude mode, thanking for everything, even though….; 2) forgive yourself, and everyone else with whom you are angry with; and 3) take up a class or find a friend/family member to do something fun with. Happiness, Joy, Fun is key in raising our frequency! Please choose. 

Be sure and read the fun story I shared in my recent issue of Goddess Touch News

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