Welcome to a new mindset of being for this New Year!

"Welcome to a new mindset of being for this New Year! "
Time to shed our old skin (our past beliefs, convictions and mindsets) LET GO of the the past…. This is the only way we can realize that we have already ascended into higher realms of reality… Life is so much easier.  How? Focus on what we are doing now… focus on our breath! We constantly need to become aware and bring ourselves back to the present and focus… this is the new mindset that is becoming more crucial for our wellbeing! 

Last year if you recall, my channeled message (found on my website www.goddesstouch.net) prepared us by showing us that we were being recreated as perfect pink embryos supported by the rich placenta of the Universe!  Well, this year we will be experiencing a conscious connection to ALL THAT IS more than ever before!  
Let’s reiterate what happened last year.So much has occurred (in just one exhausting year) and many of us have been feeling so unbelievably overwhelmed.  This sensation is due to the collapsing of time, as we know it. Are you still trying to accomplish what you could a year ago, 5 years ago?  This is now an impossible task to achieve, as time is only 1/4 of what it used to be.  Pick only 3 things to accomplish in a day, if that.  Trying to squeeze 4 days into 1 is what many of us have been attempting, and so, you are tired, disappointed, angry, sad, anxious, and perhaps, pulling your hair out??? Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you! Why is this happening? 

Just imagine that in higher frequencies, everything is spinning faster, thus creating more light. This is also true with time, as time also is spinning faster, resulting in less time if compared to the 3rd Dimensional existence.  Do you not realize that we have already ascended into higher frequency realms?  What is keeping us in the limited way of being is our “Thoughts still believing that we are limited in the 3D!” 

This year I continue to offer  every Tuesday @ 7/30pm: Sacred CIrcles for Higher Consciousness, with amazing guided meditations to experience peace, joy, light, a shift in consciousness and more.  Also, this year I’m offering more Reiki classes (Advanced Practitioner class in February), Past Lives Revearled! Workshops, Pet Psychic Galleries, Psychic Fairs, and on February 2 and 3, 2019, I will be at the:

Doubletree Hilton Boca/Deerfield Hotel (off 95) on Feb 2-3 one block off Exit 42B  on I-95 
See calendar listing for details – If you preregister for a reading with me by or before January 20th, you’ll receive a considerable reduction in price:Soul Readings re Relationships, Past Lives, Pet Psychic, Cellular Memory Activations $75/30-min, $100/ 50-min. Schedule now954.655.5490    *** 

“CLEAR THE PATH tm” is highly recommended at this time. This is a private session formulated for the descension/ascension process which we are all moving through now.

CLEAR THE PATH multi-faceted session is valued at over $350 removes fear, blockages, and looping of mind sets that no longer serve us.  A  90-minute session for $155: You will experience a Medical Intuitive body scan, Raindrop Aromatherapy with hot moist towels, a Reiki energy treatment, a Past Life reading and cutting cords, 13-chakra balancing, DNA Activation via the pineal gland, and a Mini Reading. I ask that you bring your cellphone ready to record this session for future guidance. FEEL RENEWED, REJUVENATED, RE-BALANCED, and FOCUSED!  Many of my clients love the clarity that have chosen CLEAR THE PATH as a monthly balancing system! For other services, please visit www.GoddessTOUCH.net.

Please read a most recent testimonial:

I went to Carol for various reasons. I had been suffering from PTSD my entire life from past life trauma and physical pain for 12 years from a car accident. After picking up a dark parasite from an accidental astral projection 4 years ago, all the emotional and physical pain drastically increased. and a normal active life as I knew it stopped. Quality of life went downhill.  I visited multiple doctors. Treatments and pain management therapy has not worked at all. Doctors have been baffled as to why I was in so much pain. Tests, MRI’s, etc. couldn’t explain the pain away, or why nothing worked (Doctors discovered a cyst on my spinal cord 2 years ago from the car accident 12 years ago). I met Carol at a psychic fair at the metaphysical church in Fort Lauderdale. I was instantly drawn to her photo, and she confirmed what I had suspected regarding the dark parasite keeping me in pain. Carol performed a Clear the Path session – an incredible experience. Carol pinpointed all the issues and addressed them. I truly feel all weight and the pressure from all the trauma gone. I amno longer suffering or haunted from the trauma or the memories. The muscles in my back that were perpetually clenched have drastically released the tension. Most of the pain is gone. Flexibility in my back has returned. I can actually feel a difference now with my doctor and therapist has prescribed stretches. Saw my chiropractor 3 days after my session with Carol and was amazed at the difference (actually everyone has noticed the difference!). He’s known me my whole life and watched me go from a happy bubbly person to miserable and depressed 3 years ago, hoping for life to end every night when I went to bed so I wouldn’t have to feel pain anymore. He could feel the difference in the quality of my back. The pain of the cyst has been reduced and relegated strictly to the one spot on my spine, like it was postaccident. My back is actually better than it has been SINCE the car accident! Definitely will be scheduling another appointment next month for a follow up. I recommend Carol to everyone!
Love, Patricia.*

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