In Search of a Teacher of Spirit: Eleven Conscious Considerations

JoAnne Scalise
Many of us are on an inward or outward path to Enlightenment, to our Higher Selves, to our eternal connection with Source. We are called to this for reasons only the individual can describe, or more often, just know, and in the course of this Path, we often connect with other like minded (Light minded?) beings. And because we all have chosen specific areas of Service, we alternate roles of healer, teacher, guide and leader. We each can offer Service to others, often by our presence and energetic state. Sometimes, we may be drawn or called to provide Illumination through insights we have received on our personal journey, or in Co-Creation with nonphysical Beings of Light, or aspects of Spirit. All are valid and vital aspects of our experiencing and expressing ourselves as Source. The “teacher” and the “student” offer each other great gifts of Spirit, and Lessons beyond what is recognizable in physical manifestation. For the purpose of this offering, I refer to those beings recognized as, or offering structured format or experience, as spiritual teachers. While many are called to be spiritual teachers, a Teacher of Spirit is a powerful Illuminating Force. We “know them when we se(ns)e them,” and more importantly, by the virtue of their Service, our lives change, and we GROW into our fullest spiritual potential.
On occasion, the lessons meant to be learned together manifest quickly, and each must move on to continue learning. This moving on can be difficult, for we have attached to the teacher. For some, this teacher-student experience may have been our clearest and closest encounter with our Divinity, with our Source. To leave this experience behind is unthinkable, and yet something has changed, we have changed, the lesson has been learned, and the relationship no longer serves us. What then do we do?
Following are questions to ask yourself when considering entering, and during the course of, this very special relationship. Remember that you are also teaching and providing lessons, and that your contribution is significant. Know also that growth can be challenging, and painful for those who choose this pattern of education. Keep in mind that we have chosen to learn together as Spirit Incarnate, with compassion for all who engage in this Experience. While we strive for perfection, our learning continues. There are so many spiritual teachers because there are so many learners; the Path must always challenge and illuminate, and we may have agreed to connect with many in the energetic flow of Light. As you review these questions, consider what is best for you, at this Perfect Timing. Know that you are choosing well in each moment for your highest Purpose.

1. Do you resonate with the teacher and/or teachings? That is, do you find something within you that harmonizes with the teacher’ energy or message? This often occurs at first connection, whether someone tells you or you happen upon an upcoming class, or website, or book, or the person, and you think, “Hmmm that sounds like it’s for me, or I need to do this.” Often this feeling statement is preceded with, I don’t know why, but A Teacher of Spirit’s energy may often be discerned without any form of physical or visual contact. At times just the thought or introduction of the thought of the Teacher initiates this resonation, which may be intense or extremely subtle.

2. Are all students including you treated with great respect and compassion? You are entering into a sacred trust, individually and collectively. A Teacher of Spirit enters every encounter of this type no matter how brief  with respect for the individual and the commitment each has made. This respect is demonstrated whether or not another individual is present; any discussion of students (former included) with anyone is respectful and uplifting. This holds true regardless of personal issues or disagreements.

3. Do you find the teacher humble? This is not excessive self-deprecation or an obvious lack of self-worth. This is the ability to be clear in message, and not be affected by, or attached to, the Brilliance of the Light or any form of the message being delivered. The Teacher of Spirit speaks in Truth, valuing each encounter, and one feels more valued, not less, to be in such a presence.

4. Are other spiritual teachers and Paths regarded with respect? Many divergent Paths and belief systems exist, and all are part of the Expression of Source. It is not necessary to believe, and not humanly possible, to participate in all Expressions of teaching, faith, or other belief systems. As each is part of the All That Is; however, all are worthy of respect even if comprehension is missing. Needing to always be right is a pattern not found in the Teacher of Spirit. The Teacher of Spirit may be unfamiliar with some Paths, does not resonate with others, and may state this freely. The Teacher of Spirit often offers the observation that the Many lead to the One, and chooses to respectfully refrain from judgment.

5. Is the energy exchange balanced, or does money seem to outweigh the mission? This is a Universe of energy exchange, and quite obviously we use the currency of money for most of our exchanges. Many are guided in the amounts that are fair exchanges, which may be regarded as too little or exorbitant depending upon another’s attachment to money, or lack of funds. This is individual, and all responses usually occur in a cross section of potential students, so this is not an indicator of an imbalanced energy exchange. At times, zero sum thinking is demonstrated by spiritual workers, with the feeling that there is only so much of the pie to go around, so there may be great demonstrated need to get what is thought to be enough. Consider if there is a preponderance of talk on money and the teacher’s need, the lack of it, any feelings of energetic stickiness. Is the energy exchange complete with one encounter, or is the student required or strongly advised to agree to ongoing individual sessions or classes for any particular rationale? It is understood that many teachings are built on foundational lessons, and there are constant upgrades to knowledge; you in this experience as student may consider your current state and path and how the next steps of the teacher fit your next steps. Many student/teacher paths last a lifetime, and often many lifetimes, with the roles experienced by each participant. Be open to this!
Other energetic considerations: Does the teaching or other products or services feel doled out, not freely offered and exchanged? There must be a positive flow of energy in both directions, and you can sense the impact this attachment and fear can have on your experience just by an uneasiness or other manifested feeling. Check in with your inner knowing for guidance. A Teacher of Spirit is clear and without emotional attachment in setting and communicating energy exchanges.

6. Do you feel you are participating in an inclusive gathering, if attending classes? All teachers are human, and optimally will have friends they may interact with, sometimes during the course of a class. And being human, we enjoy what is familiar. A teacher may prefer to commune with smaller groups within the group. In large gatherings, it may be difficult to engage in discussion with the teacher. In any gathering however, one should never feel less than any other participant. Any encounter with the Teacher of Spirit is positive and affirming.

7. Do you have a sense of the teacher’s integrity? Do the teachings ring true? This does not mean that they are everyone’s truth, but can you discern the teacher’s commitment to the teaching and the process? Do the teacher’s actions hold the truth of the words? For example, if the teachings are of compassion and Light, one would expect these attributes to be manifested in the teacher. Again, we are all human, but the teacher’s actions should be reasonably (more so than not) congruent with the teachings. This of course recognizes the fact that teachers are also learning the lessons they provide and articulate. A Teacher of Spirit demonstrates integrity through consistent congruence.

8. Is the teacher truly present with you is the focus on the student or on the teacher? Again, every teacher is human, with concerns, physical, emotional, and spiritual, and may be distracted from time to time, and yet the student and the teaching must take precedence. Also, being human, the attention and focus received as a result of stepping forward into the teacher’s role can have a variety of internal and external effects, including a type of celebrity status (both mini and major). This ability to be present parallels with and is congruent with the teacher’s humility. A Teacher of Spirit recognizes that the center of all teaching is the student, and is complete with contributing to this Divine Purpose, recognizing the reward in this great spiritual gift of Service.

9. Are the teachings accessible to you? Or so you find them so esoteric you are left to wonder? An unfoldment of information, of Technology of Spirit is often accompanied by feelings of wonder and the need for contemplation. Comprehension is individual, and this is not a reflection of ability or inability for teacher or student. It simply addresses your understanding of the teachings, and your assimilation of the new information. A feeling of overwhelm due to lack of immediate memorization or knowing is not expected to accompany your perfect teaching. Many revelations are often discovered in days, weeks, and even years after the teaching, so it should not be expected that all be revealed immediately. Spirit works in concert with your Highest Self so that you may open to expansion in your Perfect Timing.  A Teacher of Spirit encourages questions and offers insights. If the teaching must be worked with by the student (and virtually all teaching is), the Teacher offers the recognition that all is received and understood on an energetic level, and may offer approaches to bring this information into physical understanding when appropriate.

10. Do you find yourself wondering if you are worthy to attend or participate? This is no reflection on the teacher, unless there are overt or subtle indications that tell you are not worthy to participate. Ask yourself why you would still want to engage in any activity in which you are not considered an equal, and trust your inner knowing There is a universe of difference between readiness and worthiness, and this topic will be addressed in a future article. A Teacher of Spirit does not consider issues of worthiness, for all are worthy. This is a fundamental (which does not need to be spoken) principle of Spirit.

11. And finally, when in the presence of this Teacher, this Fellow Master, do you feel that you are being treated as Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus or Sananda, or any expression of Mother/Father God would treat you? A Teacher of Spirit holds the energy of inclusive love, respect, honor, and acceptance, without emotional attachment or reward expectation. Loving kindness and compassion are experienced in every encounter. This is the greatest Service of the Teacher of Spirit, to offer the experience of connecting with, and embracing, our Divinity and our Source. The individual teaching is but a variation on this theme. The Teacher of Spirit is a Student of Service, and through this Service, Illuminates the Path to the Experience of God.
(c) JoAnne Scalise This article has been published on OmPlace, and other venues. You are welcomed to and to contact JoAnne with questions or support in your search for a Teacher of Spirit, which is within you. You are wished every Blessing!

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