Love is Everywhere

"love is in the air"

“What’s the rush?”  I don’t know about you, but it seems that the days are getting shorter – again!  Do you feel wanting to relax but need to move faster to get more done?  Some days, do you just feel like “letting go” of every thing?  This is a compelling moment in time when this occurs.  It’s time to surrender, It’s time to redefine who we are and what we want.   It’s time to go within. 

January was more productive as we tied up loose ends, took inventory, and made new choices.  Have you felt in front of a precipice needing to jump into a void to keep going?  It’s time to surrender, but what do we surrender to?  So many changes occurred last year that allowed us to realize that we must change to find our core beliefs, our true self.  We have had much opportunity to find this out from circumstances outside of ourselves as we were bombarded as never before causing us all to redefine our beliefs as our fears and insecurities continued to play a great role to our love of self, family, employment, and country. 

February is the month of LOVE and this month is inventory time of everyone we are angry with, and forgive, beginning with our self!  It’s time for the Great Inventory and Love.  We are called upon to Love from the depth of our being as this is the ONLY way we will change our world. 
Yes, because we are all connected, all one heart, one breath and it is our responsibility.  

This month, I invite you to participate to a beautiful workshop to help you become clear about the people and events to “love free” in a workshop that has been a favorite called TWINFLAMES / SOULMATES WORKSHOP.  We have had many people receive clarity with former relationships making it easy to forgive and move on to love again having received the full picture.  More about this below. 

This month, I continue to offer Reiki classes, Tuesday Meditations on ZOOM at Noon, and in-person Sacred Circles. I hope to hear from you soon.  Please contact me with any questions and / or comments.

Magical hugs,


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