Pet Psychic in Florida

A PET PSYCHIC in Florida is a highly sensitive person & can communicate telepathically with animals, even deceased. 
HOW CAN I HELP?  Are you stressed over your pet’s behavior, illness, or death? Some questions you may be asking:
How does my animal feel? How will I know it’s the right time to help my pet go to Heaven? Did I make the right decision? Does my pet like the vet, groomer, pet sitter? Why is my cat having behavioral issues? How can I get my animals to get along? What do they think of me? Are they happy?
I have helped many pet owners with: * Health Issues * Lost & Found * Death & Dying * Behavioral Issues * Contacted Your Beloved Departed Pet *
* * * * * *
Hi, this is Carole Ramsay. I was born with gifts of sight, sensing and knowing, all of which has amplified with the years.  I worked in the corporate world for over 30 years, giving readings, healings, as a hobby, until three years ago where the publicly-traded company I worked for was acquired. Then, I heard a voice say, “Now I’m your new CEO.” My new adventure was about inner trust, faith, and listening to my inner voice for direction. I received my support from the Creator of all creation, including Itself (I was hearing a man’s voice in a gentle whisper) guiding me and directing me to try different venues to find a “niche” for my new Assignment. I successfully gave readings privately, in events, on the phone, Skype and in person.
Only lately, this “new and strange” way to help pet owners and their pets happened spontaneously (nothing is by chance). A young successful professional woman came to me for a reading, saying that I was highly referred by her friend who was my client. She seemed sad and distraught, and only 30 minutes into the session, did she start talking about her dog, Portia, who had been sick for very long, having seen many vets, etc. etc. etc. 
I began receiving messages from Portia’s energy frequency by way of her picture on the owner’s cell phone.  As an empath, I picked up the dog’s thoughts and emotions, which I told its owner. She called her holistic vet with my information. He later called me to discuss further.  What I had seen was a small insect that crawled into the dog’s ear and laid eggs.  I was able to go back and describe the insect (I became a microscope!) The vet was able to change the dog’s medication and her illness lessened. This is how I began to help pets and their owners. 
I began to feel a new depth of gentleness awaken inside of me due to a new gift as a telepath with our innocent pets. I gave readings at pet shows and pet stores during the year, which was more difficult due to the overwhelming crowds and interference of energy frequency fluctuations.
Another interesting story is when I saw a friend’s dog posted on Face Book and immediately asked her to call me.  My reading to her about her son’s dog was to warn her and her son about something devastating was going to happen to a close friend soon. I didn’t sense the mother or son in any danger.  Remember, all this information was coming from the dog, Baxter, who is my friend’s son’s companion since college.  Two days later, I received a call that the son’s close friend had had a motorcycle accident and had suffered brain damage!  Animals are great messengers!  
As a Reiki Master and teacher, I perform long-distance healing, to calm and balance a person, thing, or event. This is also successfully done with animals.  You never know what doors may open when you allow Life to happen!  Blessings to you
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