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Celullar Memory Activation

Rapid shifts of Consciousness are occurring whereby “healing” modalities are becoming outdated to Earth’s ever increasing frequencies.  In flowing with these currents (time is collapsing and space is expanding), the focus now is that of ACTIVATION of our Perfection.  This is the key to connect and anchor our spiritual, mental, astral bodies into  your physical body.  In other words, our DNA is changing (see DNA by Dr. Berrenda Fox).  Our limiting beliefs stemming from fear, cause us to experience a lack of perfect health, inner peace, prosperity, etc. As these structures “fall away” gently, quickly and completely, with intent during your ACTIVATION session.  Healing is now the ‘by-product” of the life-enhancing Goddess T.O.U.C.H.® technique.

To give you better idea, one of the numerous journeys of Activations I have experienced, this one occurred in 2002, which you are welcomed to read.  See Article – Ascension, Descension, Inscension.

Your Private Session
We begin with a Guided Meditation calling in and communing with God Source (the Creator within you); connect with our Guides; and create a safe place to increase the flow of love in your life. We then proceed to:

Open and expand where you will be relaxed and fully conscious, allowing you to experience the Love and Light that you are.

Activate your vibratory rate, bringing on healing on different levels.

Release will follow of any imbalance that is now up to be transmuted, such as:

-restructure specific limiting belief patterns;
-identify & transmute vows of poverty, consciousness blocks;
-balance your male/female energy;
-repair/replace energy grids;
-rewire – expand light absorption;
-identify chronic fatigue & stop it;
-address issues from past or future time lines;
-Entities/dark forces that you have allowed (on some level) into your aura, body, home, office, car, etc. must be released.

Sometimes the reason for your dis-easement may be due to low frequency energies who have made their home in the same space as where you dwell. I have successfully performed over 100 “ghost busting” and/or “exorcisms” more…

Empowerment – to create a refreshed, stronger, calmer, and happier You! You will feel empowered!

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Please note that I will be channeling throughout your session,
and may include some or all of the following modalities:

“Raindrop Technique”

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