JEAN A., Reiki II Practitioner Hollywood, FL

Hello Carole! Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with me today!
I am thankful to having you on my journey! I’m gonna do my homework with a happy smile on my face thinking about your love and kindness!! Your insight about my mom confirms my concern, she needs to know she is free to go ahead and move toward the Light…! I know that before she passed away……yes, i was concerned because her religious beliefs always maintained a fear with her….and fear keeps people away from freedom, from the LIGHT. I did the best that i knew at that time. I now CONSCIOUSLY send her LOVE VIBES, FOREVER (from now, and now, and now, and now, and now, and now,and now)! And gonna make sure she get THERE, WHERE IS THE LIGHT! A lot of souls need to be set free….Let’s make them know there is LIGHT.
You are teaching such a great “delivrance”.
I want you to know i am working with you!
From my heart, Jean

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