Goddess T.O.U.C.H.®  Sessions

IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING stress, dis-ease, pain, (either mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical), headaches, flu-like symptoms, and other discomforts, and you’re questioning your values/beliefs, you are mutating back to what you already truly are: LIGHT BODY! (For a list of symptoms, please see Article – DNA.)

I WELCOME YOU TO YOUR AWAKENING in the Ascension process of this current 6th Dimensional Universe!

Our culture, belief patterns, fears, doubts, habits (from this life, as well as our cellular memory from past and future/past lives), are all accumulated illusions that we made “real”, shaping our lives from those concepts. Living with the belief that we are limited humans has been engrained into our genetics for over 3,000 years, dating back to prior Sumerian times. We have grown to fear our own godliness – our own Light! Everyone in your life right now is your mirror: a projected thought stemming from your own belief, your own creation!

Allow me to share with you gentle healing techniques of Alchemy for a graceful and easy transition into higher vibrational frequencies. Learn to discover your own Inner Truth and Inner Beauty as we’ll integrate new frequencies of light, enhancing ALL aspects of your life!



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